About Us

The purpose of the Science of Acne is to help people understand what actually causes acne and what treatments are most likely to work for them.

The team behind the Science of Acne has never been a group that is willing to accept acne as a “right of passage” or some other unavoidable evil that must be suffered through. Collectively, we’ve spent years going to doctors and dermatologists, trying everything from antibiotics to naturopathic remedies to Accutane.

What we aim to do with this website is to present scientifically accurate, yet understandable, information about the science of acne, the causes of acne and the various treatments that are available. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of information out there that is not based on scientific reality.

Our goal is to help people understand not only what works (and does not work), but also why it works. Our hope is that by better understanding this disease, people will be able to make better decisions, create a community, take back control of their health and improve the quality of their lives.