Calcium Supplements are nutritional supplements that contain bio-available forms of elemental calcium. Calcium is an essential mineral that is most commonly used to improve bone density and limit the effects of osteoporosis.

Many foods are either naturally rich in calcium (eg. Milk, Spinach) or fortified with additional calcium (eg. Breakfast Cereals). Calcium Supplements are rarely used as an acne treatment and there is no evidence that they can improve acne symptoms.

There are various reasons people use Calcium Supplements. They may be trying to prevent osteoporosis or even heal acne scars. However several research studies have questioned the therapeutic validity of Calcium supplementation for those ailments.

Some research studies have even linked calcium supplementation to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. The increased risk could be due to the important role Calcium plays in maintaining cardiac rhythm. Hypercalcemia, or an excess of blood calcium, can even cause an ECG finding known as an Osborn Wave, which is also seen in hypothermia. Excess calcium may also cause other problems such as kidney stones or gallstones.

Calcium is involved in many cellular processes and signaling pathways, and it is a necessary mineral. So some acne sufferers do feel that calcium supplements can maintain their skin health, control acne or even help heal acne scars. Although there is no evidence that Calcium Supplements will improve acne symptoms, they are considered quite safe when consumed at recommended levels.


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