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The Science of Acne is intended solely as a space for sharing ideas, experiences and information. The Science of Acne should not be considered medical advice. Information presented on this web site is for peer support purposes only and should not be viewed as a substitute for medical consultations with qualified health professionals.

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Veracity of Claims and Information at ScienceofAcne.com

The Science of Acne is meant to serve as a space for the presentation and discussion of ideas, concepts, science and research relevant to acne sufferers. The Science of Acne does not endorse or guarantee the veracity of any of the imformation presented within the website. The Science of Acne strongly encourages readers to take all information presented on this site (and in the world at large) with a “”grain of salt””.

Although we do our best to ensure scientific and factual accuracy, there is a possibility that any of particular piece of information on this site may be wrong. Because positive research reports are much more likely to get published than negative ones, and because many research reports are sponsored by companies with a direct financial stake, research results about acne treatments tend to be skewed towards those that demonstrate a positive outcome. The Science of Acne has no means to evaluate the veracity of this information and makes no claims related to its reliability or truthfulness. The Science of Acne strongly encourages that readers view this information critically and do not accept any of the information provided on this site as unequivocally true.

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General Privacy Philosophy

Privacy is important. While it is naive to believe that the internet is truly anonymous, ScienceofAcne.com is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of its users. ScienceofAcne.com does not intentionally collect and disseminate personally identifiable information. In attempt to preserve user privacy, ScienceofAcne.com periodically deletes user information that is no longer relevant to improving the quality of the website.

Information Collected by The Science of Acne

The Science of Acne collects information from user registration, communications and use of site features. Users who register are asked to provide their name, e-mail address and other information. This information is not required for use of the site and pseudonyms are accepted.

The Use of Information Collected by ScienceofAcne.com

Information collected by ScienceofAcne.com may be used in several ways. Examples include personalization of a user’s site experience, improved service and topic relevance, research and surveys. The ScienceofAcne.com will comply with any user’s request that any information related to their account or use of the site be deleted.

Protection of User Information

ScienceofAcne.com does not attempt to collect information that is not directly related to the improving the user experience. For information that is collected, ScienceofAcne.com employs multiple security measures to maintain the safety of personal information. Personal information is contained within secured networks and access to that data is limited. It is the ScienceofAcne.com’s sincere desire to protect the privacy and confidentiality of its users.

The Use of Cookies

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Disclosure of Collected Information to Third Parties

The ScienceofAcne.com does not trade, sell or disseminate personal information that is collected on the site to third parties without advance notice and consent from the user. ScienceofAcne.com is not involved in the distribution of personal user information for commercial or marketing purposes. Some information related to site design and streamlining is shared with our website hosting partners and other parties who assist in operating the website. ScienceofAcne.com will comply with information requests from legitimate legal and governmental bodies, when presented with the appropriate documentation.

Links to Third Parties

The ScienceofAcne.com contains links to third party websites. Linked sites are separate from ScienceofAcne.com and adhere to independent privacy policies. The ScienceofAcne.com bears no liability or responsibility for the content, experience with or use of these linked sites. However, ScienceofAcne.com is interested in maintaining and improving the user experience, and welcomes input into the usefulness and/or appropriateness of third party linked sites.

User Consent

Use of ScienceofAcne.com implies consent to the published Privacy Policy, Site Disclaimer and User Agreement. ScienceofAcne.com expects that all users will also adhere to the standards outlined in these documents and will refrain from collecting and/or disseminating personal information about the visitors to ScienceofAcne.com. Any changes made to the privacy policy at ScienceofAcne.com will be reflected in updates on this page. Users who already have accounts with TheScienceofAcne.com will be notified by email of any changes. Date of most recent privacy policy update: Mar 21, 2016.

About Us

The purpose of the Science of Acne is to help people understand what actually causes acne and what treatments are most likely to work for them.

The team behind the Science of Acne has never been a group that is willing to accept acne as a “right of passage” or some other unavoidable evil that must be suffered through. Collectively, we’ve spent years going to doctors and dermatologists, trying everything from antibiotics to naturopathic remedies to Accutane.

What we aim to do with this website is to present scientifically accurate, yet understandable, information about the science of acne, the causes of acne and the various treatments that are available. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of information out there that is not based on scientific reality.

Our goal is to help people understand not only what works (and does not work), but also why it works. Our hope is that by better understanding this disease, people will be able to make better decisions, create a community, take back control of their health and improve the quality of their lives.