Fusidic Acid

Fusidic Acid (Fucidin) is an antibiotic that is primarily used to treat bacterial skin infections. It is a unique antibiotic that works by preventing susceptible bacteria from synthesizing new proteins.

Fusidic Acid has recently gained renewed interest as a treatment for acne. Topical Fusidic Acid has become a popular treatment for individuals with mild to moderate acne symptoms (Acne Types: 1-3). Fusidic Acid is also available in oral formulations, but these are rarely used as acne treatments.

Clinical research and patient reports suggest that topical Fusidic Acid can be an effective treatment for many people. Laboratory testing indicates that the acne-causing P. acnes bacterium tends to be moderately susceptible to Fusidic Acid. P. acnes bacteria that are highly resistant to Fusidic Acid appear to be rare in most places.

Topical Fusidic Acid is often combined with other therapies as part of a comprehensive acne treatment plan, especially for patients more serious cases of acne.