Norfloxacin (Norflox) is an antibiotic in the Quinolone family. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is used to treat certain types of respiratory, urinary tract and sexually transmitted bacterial infections.

Norfloxacin is rarely used as an acne treatment, and there is little clinical research into the effectiveness of Norfloxacin for improving acne symptoms. Other Quinolone family antibiotics (eg. Ciprofloxacin, Nadifloxacin) are more commonly used in acne treatments.

Laboratory antibiotic susceptibility testing has indicated that more strains of P. acnes bacteria are resistant to Norfloxacin, than other comparable Quinolone antibiotics. When a strain of P. acnes is susceptible to Norfloxacin, sensitivity to this antibiotic tends to be similar to that of Ciprofloxacin.

Norfloxacin has been reported to have a higher rate of adverse events compared to other members of the Quinolone antibiotic family. Because of this, and the fact that there is little evidence that Norfloxacin is significantly better than alternative antibiotics, the use of Norfloxacin is fairly limited in many regions.

Norfloxacin is generally used as an oral antibiotic, but topical formulations are available in some regions.