Roxithromycin (Roxicin) is an antibiotic in the Macrolide family. It is used to treat certain types of respiratory, urinary and soft tissue infections that are caused by susceptible bacteria.

Roxithromycin is occasionally used to treat acne. Clinical research has indicated that Roxithromycin (and other Macrolide family antibiotics) can be effective acne treatments. Roxithromycin may be particularly helpful for the treatment of acne because this antibiotic can accumulate inside of certain types of white blood cells. This accumulation may help the immune system better control the growth of the acne-causing P. acnes bacterium. This accumulation may also help limit the inflammation that causes acne symptoms such as pimples, nodules, cysts and scars.

Laboratory testing has demonstrated that Macrolide family antibiotics, including Roxithromycin, are active against P. acnes bacteria. However, P. acnes bacteria that are highly resistant to Macrolide family antibiotics are becoming increasingly common in many places in the world. Patients with acne infections caused by these resistant bacteria are less likely to see a benefit from antibiotic therapy with Roxithromycin, and other Macrolides.

Roxithromycin is not available in all countries (eg. United States).