Aromatherapy is a technique that involves using olfactory stimulation to improve mood, relieve anxiety and support a sense of well-being. Application of Aromatherapy can be done topically, via inhalation or water immersion. Essential oils and other plant extracts, as well as many other naturally occurring compounds can be used in Aromatherapy.

It is unclear whether Aromatherapy can be a useful treatment for acne itself. There has been little scientific research on the relationship between olfactory stimulation, the immune system and the development of acne. However, there is some scientific evidence that Aromatherapy may help alleviate the psychological impact of acne.

Aromatherapy is often used in combination with other Naturopathic treatments. There is very little risk of side effects from Aromatherapy, and it can be combined with most other types of Naturopathic and Pharmaceutical acne treatments. Overall, the benefits of Aromatherapy are unclear, but it may be a valuable component of a holistic acne treatment program for some individuals.

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