Light and Laser Acne Treatments

Light and Laser Treatments use high-intensity light sources to treat active acne and acne scars.


Light and Laser treatments are an increasingly popular way to treat acne symptoms. There are a wide range of these systems available. Most Light and Laser treatments for active acne symptoms are non-invasive and can be combined with Pharmaceutical, Naturopathic and OTC acne treatments to create comprehensive acne treatment regimens.

Light and Laser Treatments for acne can be divided into two major categories: Light-Based Treatments for Active Acne and Light-Based Treatments for Acne Scars. Active Acne.

Light-Based Treatments for Active Acne

Several Light and Laser treatments have been shown to improve acne symptoms. However, the benefits of these treatments are often temporary. For many patients, treatments must be repeated on a regular basis to achieve the maximum benefit.

Light-based Treatments for active acne tend to be more expensive than many of the common Pharmaceutical treatments that are available. Nonetheless, Light and Laser treatments are excellent options for most people, especially when used in combination with other types of treatments. This section contains our complete guide to the Light and Laser Treatments available for Active Acne.

Light-Based Treatments for Acne Scars

Light and Laser Treatments are excellent options for all types of acne scars, from mild to severe. Light and Laser systems can be used for both ablative (invasive) and non-ablative (non-invasive) skin resurfacing.

Specialized laser treatments are available for the treatment of irregular pigmentation, erythema (permanent redness) and a wide range of scar types. Because the wavelength (color) and intensity of a laser determines the depth that it penetrates the skin and what kinds of molecules it excites, laser therapy is a highly flexible and functional tool.

In this section we overview many of the available laser technologies and their applications. For a more detailed discussion about the many light and laser-based treatments for acne scars, continue reading here.