Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and Prayer are both mental practices where one focuses on their own consciousness and its connection to the larger universe.

Prayer often involves communicating with God or either deities, and most religions have their own unique prayer practices. Meditation is often more focused on looking inward into one’s own consciousness and freeing it from the influences of external forces.

Meditation and Prayer are both common techniques for people with and without acne. However, neither Meditation nor Prayer is widely used on its own as a treatment for acne symptoms.

There is little scientific research on the direct connection between Meditation or Prayer and acne. One possible reason that Meditation or Prayer might help improve acne symptoms is through a reduction in stress. Mental stress is believed to disrupt the balance of the immune system, which could trigger the development of acne.

Although there does not appear to be any hard evidence that Meditation or Prayer is likely to help reduce the frequency or severity of acne breakouts, there also does not appear to be any negative risks associated with these techniques. Thus they can be readily incorporated into all holistic acne treatment regimens.


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