Yoga is a discipline that combines physicality and spirituality. There are many different types of Yoga, but most forms of Yoga rely on a similar system of physical exercises that emphasize balance, flexibility and meditation. Yoga is routinely incorporated into holistic treatment plans for a wide range of ailments.

Yoga and Acne

Yoga is rarely used as a direct treatment for acne, but Yoga is often incorporated into holistic treatment regimens for many diseases, including acne. There have been a few studies which found that Yoga helped to improve acne symptoms, but these studies do not tend to have appropriate controls. The scientific connection between Yoga and acne is tenuous.

Yoga (and other forms of exercise) are undoubtedly beneficial to overall physical and mental well-being. Improving overall health and reducing stress are both beneficial for immune function and may help control acne symptoms. Yoga is an excellent form of relaxation and exercise. While Yoga may not significantly improve acne symptoms on its own, it is an excellent addition to any holistic wellness plan.


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